Submission guidelines

Racer Nation Information (RNI) is sent to every user with an email address. The newsletter is the official communication of Murray State and contains information about upcoming events, announcements from around campus, and important feature stories.

Submission guidelines

  • Please send all information in the body of an email and in AP style to Do not send pdfs or word documents. Download AP guidelines.
  • Submissions will not run more than two weeks in a row. Event submissions will be held until two weeks prior to the event.
  • Photos can be included, but may not be used. Poor quality photos will not be used.
  • Information about events not related to Murray State will generally not be included. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Branding, Marketing and Communication staff, with special consideration given to nonprofit organizations that serve the Murray community.
  • Non-date specific submissions may be held for future use.

Subscription guidelines

  • RNI is sent to every email address. No one with an email address is eligible to unsubscribe.
  • RNI is considered an official form of university communication. All faculty, staff and students are expected to read the newsletter for important information regarding deadlines, announcements, and general changes on campus.

General Information

  • RNI is compiled by the Branding, Marketing and Communication.
  • Please direct all questions or comments to Abby Ponder, communications specialist, at
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