Chemistry professor receives recognition from international journal


Chemosphere-Environmental Chemistry is one of the highly respected international journals published by the Elsevier. With impact factor of 4.07, Chemosphere offers broad and impactful dissemination of investigations related to environmental science and engineering. Dr. Bommanna Loganathan has been a frequent reviewer for manuscripts submitted for publication in the Persistent Organic Pollutants section of the Chemosphere. Recently, Elsevier Publishers, Amsterdam, Netherlands recognized Dr. Loganathan for his significant contributions as a reviewer and to the quality of the Journal in 2016. “It is a great honor, and it is immensely gratifying to receive this recognition certificate for my volunteer service to the Journal. I enjoy reading/reviewing the current research being conducted elsewhere in the world,” Loganathan said. Elsevier is one of the major scientific publishers in the world. Established in 1880s, it publishes annually over 2,500 journals with over 400,000 articles that provide scientific, technical and medical disciplines.


Dr. Loganathan is a professor of Chemistry, holds joint appointment with the Department of Chemistry and the Watershed Studies Institute, Murray State University. He has co-edited four books and published over 130 research articles. His research group (including undergraduate and graduate students) conducts research on highly toxic persistent organic pollutants in aquatic and terrestrial environments and their effect on wildlife and human health. Dr. Loganathan is a recipient of several teaching and research awards, including the 2016 MSU Presidential Research Fellowship and the Elsevier’s Top Cited Author Award (2007-2011). He is also a fellow of the American Chemical Society.

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